exhibition & programming: 5/19-5/30



8-10: 30pm





to be found IRL in

west philadelphia

email livingwindowphilly@gmail.com for clue

special thanks:

chase barnes - a/v support & documentation

shannon brooks & window room tv



url/irl living window programming




















living window live artist talk series

window room tv hosts living window exhibiting artists for a series of artist talks.

the artist talk will begin and end with a screening of the featured living window artists' work, followed by a moderated q & a session. attendees can participate by calling into the q & a session!   not located in the USA? find your local dial-in number HERE

physical // psychic space

living window participates in window room's "physical//psychic space" series. tune in URL at window room tv for a live stream of living window's IRL street-view moving image exhibition screening.

Physical//Psychic space examines the permeable membrane between the physical and cyber-consciousness or the virtual world. 

living window street-view screening: 8-10:00 pm EST 

*window room programming runs all day! 12:30-10:00 pm EST



for west philadelphia:

URL --> IRL: tune into window room tv's street-view live stream of living window on your smart phone. open your front door. continue streaming. notice the night sounds. notice the smells. walk down your street. look at your phone's live stream. notice your feet against the ground. find living window IRL. join us for a socially-distanced IRL screening :) 

location clue: livingwindowphilly@gmail.com

tuesday, may 19 (rain date: thursday, may 21)



living window URL exhibition screening

(run time: 3 hr. 33 min.)


tune into window room tv for living window's URL exhibition screening, featuring 35 moving image works by 24 artists.

wednesday, may 27

two screenings:   12 pm EST  &  7 pm EST



Sign up for Living Window Newsletter for further location clues and updates on current exhibiting artists.

In place of submission or gallery admission fees, donations will be accepted on a rolling basis, with all proceeds going to Covid-19 Mutual Aid Relief Funds.

Donation total to be updated here.

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